22NTC Session: IT
Building a Data Strategy and Why Every Nonprofit Needs One
Submitted by: Tim Weeks | Salesforce.org


From the people you serve to the donors that support you, your nonprofit depends on a steady stream of data to carry out its mission. But when’s the last time you took stock of how your data is collected, defined, and used? If the answer is anything but “recently” then it is time to get serious about data strategy—a tool to align your greatest asset with your most important goals. No matter the size of your organization, mission focus, or IT maturity a well-defined data strategy is foundational to delivering, measuring, and sustaining strong programs, fundraising effectiveness, and impact. In this session you will gain practical tips on how to build a data strategy, and embed that strategy into organizational culture, technology decisions, and data governance. The conversation will be amplified with real-world insights from a nonprofit technology leader on how their rigorous approach to data strategy helped transform mission delivery.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what’s included in a data strategy and how to start building one that is right-sized for your organization.
  • Learn why organizations that have a data strategy are more likely to uncover insights and develop deeper supporter/client engagement.
  • Learn about how one organization developed and acted on their own data strategy, and what it meant for their nonprofit.

Target Audience

IT leaders and technology decision makers, as well as fundraising/program staff that see data as essential to delivering mission


March 24, 2022


1:40pm – 2:10pm PST