22NTC Session Proposal

Black Church: A different kind of nonprofit


The goal of this session is to explore the relationship with the African American church, technology and nonprofit program management.

Most churches provide many social services to their communities; sometimes without the benefit of grant funding and especially in black and brown underserved communities. Nonprofits serving the same communities can form unique partnership with African American churches. These partnerships can serve to meet the needs of the people, build trust and scale programming.

The discussion will include examples of current digital inclusion programming as an example of a unique partnership in the nonprofit space.

Learning Outcomes

  • Better understand the idiosyncrasy of African American church culture
  • Best practices on how to cultivate a programmatic relationship with AA churches
  • Begin to recognize churches as a place of community

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Nonprofit ED's and Program Managers looking to connect with churches