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20NTC Session

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Tech: the Good, Bad, and Misunderstood


Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the most over-hyped thing since the last over-hyped thing? AI and other emerging tech are being marketed to nonprofits as a silver bullet for list growth, advocacy, and programs. But what’s the actual ROI? This session will cut through all of the hype and give digital strategists and campaigners the down low on the where and when you can use tools that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you make strategic decisions that impact your advocates, supporters, and volunteers. We’ll breakdown the good, the bad, and the misunderstood of AI and emerging tech including how to best use constituents data ethically and how to use deep learning to help solve social justice issues in a time when we’re fighting to defend democracy and our data leading up to the 2020 Presidential elections.

Learning Outcomes

  • Hype and theoretical vs. how AI and emerging tech is being used effectively to help nonprofits scale advocacy, programs, campaigns.
  • How to use constituent’s data ethically and ensure business logic is not being driven by biases.
  • Implications of new regulations and how they will impact how charities collect and use data.

Target Audience

Digital strategists, advocacy campaigners, and fundraising staff who want to learn the skill-sets required to use AI and emerging-tech effectively.




March 24, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am