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20NTC Session

AI & BI: Make Your Job Easier With Data Science


Organizations have more data than ever, and when analyzed it can be incredibly powerful. However, it’s often hard to know where to start or even to know what data you have. There are excellent business intelligence (BI) tools available to automatically collect and visualize this data. This session will introduce the most popular BI tools with a practical comparison, We will explain all that is needed to research your data: how to securely extract, combine and visualize for analysis and report sharing. We will explain what Data Science is and identify AI techniques that can leverage the power of your data.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how BI tools automate data collection and reporting
  • Identify best practices for secure big data manipulation
  • Understand what data science can do for you

Target Audience

Data Analyst, Project managers, Executive directors, Anyone who spends too much time gathering and analyzing data


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Colin O'Callaghan

Data Scientist


Dr Colin O’Callaghan is a Data scientist with 3advance. He has 10 years experience in data analysis, visualization, and reporting. Colin is an expert in applying leading AI & BI solutions that make life easier for people working in non-profits and startups.

Paul Murphy



Paul is a passionate, design-minded developer, team builder and entrepreneur. He has twenty years experience in application development and brings his creative passion to every project he is involved with. Born and raised in Ireland, Paul moved to the States in 2004 and within weeks of receiving his Greencard in 2010, founded 3Advance. Paul has successfully led software development projects with NPR, AARP, Special Olympics and a host of DC startups.

Lacy McDowell

Data and Technology Strategy Advisor

AARP Foundation

Lacy McDowell is a non-profit technology advisor with over twenty years of experience. Currently a Data and Technology Strategy Advisor for Experience Corps at AARP Foundation, his work focuses on creating new innovations in computer, web and mobile technologies. He’s always looking for ways that technology can help organizations enact their vision and reach their target audiences in compelling ways. In his spare time, he likes discovering new music and traveling with his family.





March 25, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



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