22NTC Session: Program
Access for All: Recruit & Retain a Variety of Volunteers
Submitted by: Dana Litwin


“Access for All” creates a welcoming and equitable workspace for all team members in your organization! Session participants will learn how to bring new varieties of highly-skilled talent to their teams by breaking through common access-barriers for volunteers.  Often programs and agency culture fall back on the familiar, with unconscious biases and gatekeeping. This workshop offers tools and techniques to open up more opportunities for volunteers of cultural, age, linguistic, physical, and neurological diversities to engage with your mission. “Access for All” is a practice and set of values based on the results of years-long research studies “Understanding Our Community, Parts 1 & 2” by a California Special District (government agency), and other models from non-profit organizations and corporations.   This interactive and engaging presentation includes core concepts to incorporate “Access to All” into agency-wide strategies and individual interactions without breaking the budget.  

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify barriers and bias that limit 'access for all' in volunteer and community engagement
  • How to use data for deep community engagement long-term, improving recruitment and retention of volunteers and advocates
  • Jumpstart with successful, scalable models for volunteer recruitment to reflect the full diversity of the community

Target Audience

Leaders of volunteers at any stage of their career and experience.

Community Input