22NTC Session: IT
Build, Automate, and Integrate; Low-Code Development, One-Stop Solution for Nonprofits
Submitted by: Sadeeque Mohamed | Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency


Non-profit organizations are able to quickly build and create applications using low-code development platforms without having to conduct research, write scripts and test new ones. Our organization has been on a journey with data, from Excel sheets, to Google Sheets, to finally finding a one stop shop solution with a low code platform called Caspio. It is traditionally difficult for nonprofits to acquire the kinds of technologies their more capitalized peers use to make a competitive advantage, however, cloud-based and low-code technologies offer nonprofits the ability to create custom applications while reducing costs, increasing productivity, and scaling easily as their needs change.  The presentation will discuss how our nonprofit built applications, automated tasks, processes, and reports using a cloud-based, low-code solution, connecting staff, clients, partners, government agencies, and donors in a way that helps us achieve actionable results faster.  

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Build and automate your ideas in Minutes
  • Lower Maintenance Burden
  • Increased Productivity Across Teams

Target Audience

Data analysts, IT decision makers and anyone interested to build an internal CRM.


March 23, 2022


11:15am – 11:45am PST