22NTC Session Proposal

A Holistic Approach to Email Deliverability, From Acquisition to Analysis

Submitted by: Allison O'Dell 🟠 | The Funders Network


Email marketing is still the #1 way to reach your core activists and donors — so long as your emails land in inboxes, rather than spam folders or promotions tabs!

Email deliverability (that is, inbox placement) relies on a spectrum of activity — from establishing trust at the point of subscription, to choosing the best sender, audience, content, and timing, to analyzing and optimizing performance.

This session will explain why a holistic approach to email deliverability — allying web, data, messaging, and advertising strategy — is crucial to achieving email performance goals.  It will present best practices for email content, subject lines, senders, and audience segmentation; signup forms, advertisements, and other acquisition channels; data structures, tracking, and analysis that improve deliverability.  These tips and tricks will be contextualized with real-world analogies that demystify deliverability algorithms and provide talking points for colleagues. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe in layperson's terms how email clients filter messages into inboxes, tabs, or spam.
  • Troubleshoot reasons why their email content is seeing low engagement or being sent to spam.
  • Implement best practices for email deliverability and engagement.

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

Marketing and fundraising staff who develop email content; IT and database professionals who advise on email lists and deliverability