22NTC Session: Fundraising
A Dynamic Duo: Machine Learning and Marketing Automation
Submitted by: Jason Robbins | ROI Solutions, Incorporated


We are all in search of the next best thing to help propel our missions, our marketing and fundraising forward.  In this panel event we will discuss new and emerging trends in technology that your organization can leverage and adopt today to maximize your organization’s impact.

Machine Learning – We have all witnessed leaps forward in AI and Machine Learning that have impacted our daily lives.  Machine Learning algorithms have just started popping up in the nonprofit marketplace both in audience identification/selection and driving operational efficiencies across the constituent engagement lifecycle.

Marketing Automation – While not a new concept, there are few organizations that have truly harnessed the power of marketing automation to lead to more successful journeys for their constituents.

If combined correctly audience identification/selection and a streamlined and automated marketing approach can help organizations become more operationally efficient, maximize revenue potential, and drive positive outcomes for its constituents.


Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities within your marketing programs and audience segments to leverage the power of machine learning
  • Learn about the platforms that are commercially available right now for fundraisers use
  • Assess and identify opportunities for multi-channel marketing automation to gain operational efficiencies and maximize revenue opportunities

Target Audience

Marketers, IT, and Operations focused staff that are looking for the next solution that will help propel their mission.

Community Input