22NTC Session: Program
A Closer Look: Board Governance and Cyber Risk
Submitted by: Madeline Profilet | BoardEffect Inc.


The proliferation of technology and digitalization has resulted in cybersecurity and cyber risk becoming central to business continuity. There is the ever-increasing importance of safely protecting a company’s data, both organizational as well as personal information. With the pandemic forcing us to work from home, cyberattacks, particularly ransomware attacks, have also increased significantly. Boards need to better understand cyber attacks and cyber regulation in order to conduct effective risk management.

For instance, this year has seen an exponential increase in the activities of Ransom cyberattacks with most of these attacks happening on Government institutions, Healthcare, and the Technology sectors. The amount of money being demanded by attackers has increased too, with some attackers demanding tens of millions of dollars. Even more frightening, double extortion ransomware is on the rise, where hackers demand a second ransom payment in return for not releasing the sensitive data stolen during the first attack.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Relevant Data Protection Regulations and Laws
  • Recent Cyberattacks Especially Nonprofit Ransomware
  • The Way Forward for Data Protection & Combatting Attacks

Target Audience

IT decision makers, board members, key executives

Community Input