21NTC Session

Workshop: 8 Steps to Elevate Your Nonprofit’s Data & Evaluation Practices


In this workshop, we’re going to make what many see as daunting and out-of-reach – fun, interactive, and meaningful. We will guide participants through an 8-step process to redefine how data and evaluation can improve an organization, and integrate it into the delivery of its programs. By connecting your daily activities to the long-term outcomes you are trying to achieve, getting clear about their commitment to equity (and how to measure it), and building the internal capacity for continuous improvement – nonprofits can reframe how they collect and use data to be in service of their organizations and their clients first – setting them up to stand out from their peers.

Together, we will be breaking through the complexity of program evaluation and learn easily accessible, manageable, and actionable steps, in a way that prioritizes consideration for the capacity, time, and budget constraints of the nonprofit sector.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to understand, measure, and communicate the value of their programming to clients, donors, and funders.
  • Learn how to build a culture of continuous improvement and learning and set your organization up for fundraising success.
  • Get tangible, accessible, tools to help your program stand out as the best provider for the services you offer.

Target Audience

Program Managers and Coordinators; Nonprofit Leadership; Directors of small- and medium- sized nonprofits; Foundation decision makers; Start-up nonprofits


DataDonor RetentionEvaluationProgram Development


Catherine Smith

Director of Learning and Innovation

Sangfroid Strategy

Catherine Smith is a nonprofit program evaluator and social service professional. Catherine leads the evaluation and technology efforts for Sangfroid Strategy, and her work is centered in using data and information to build capacity and create more impact within social service organizations. Catherine is experienced in understanding program implementation and delivery from both the program team side, and the evaluation side, and seeks to find effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions for nonprofits to meet their missions. Catherine is a Licensed Social Worker in Ohio and holds her MS in Social Administration from the Mandel School of Applied Social Science.



March 25, 2021


9:45am – 10:45am