22NTC Session: Fundraising
5 Steps to Run Better, Grow Faster, Raise More Money
Submitted by: Vanessa Young


Better financial management can help you serve more people and raise more money! Nonprofits are harder to run than for-profits- and the pandemic made it even harder. Having done both, Stephen King knows firsthand the important advantages of looking at the numbers. King shares the financial management step by step method, with real stories of how it works from organizations he has helped over the past 35 years.

Learn the FIVE steps every Nonprofit needs to get alignment in their organization & the board thinking strategically:

1. Which OUTCOMES best further the mission?

2. Analyze The ECONOMICS

3. Make Big Decisions with DATA

4. Revise the PLAN

5. Raise More MONEY

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to utilize historical data from programs to make better decisions for your organization.
  • Using Accounting As A Fundraising Tool: How To Show Donors The ROI Of Their Gift And Raise More Money.
  • Understand where you can get the greatest ROI and utilize fundraising best practices.

Target Audience

Decision makers and Executive Directors

Community Input