22NTC Session: Fundraising
5 Important Principles for Post-COVID Live Galas
Submitted by: Leah Davenport


When COVID-19 disrupted fundraising events like galas, luncheons, and golf tournaments, nonprofits all over the country pivoted into virtual formats. Along the way, they developed whole new strategies for engaging their donors, sharing their mission, and raising money. Given the lingering uncertainty around the pandemic, how can nonprofits channel the best practices learned from those virtual fundraisers, marry them to data about their donor base, and use that combined knowledge to create successful (and safe) hybrid and in-person events into 2022 and beyond? This workshop will equip attendees with a road map that will help you know who to invite, what key elements to include in your event, and how to move event donors into a longer-term relationship with your organization.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • How to identify the core value proposition of your cause and leverage it as the central theme of your event.
  • What event elements to keep and which ones to discard in a post-COVID event landscape
  • A roadmap that will set attendees for success no matter the format (live, hybrid, or virtual)

Target Audience

Fundraisers who want to shake up the way they prospect and structure galas, luncheons, and similar types of fundraisers

Community Input