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20NTC Session

4 Strategies for Meaningful Money Conversations With Your Board


As a nonprofit executive, you understand the importance of board meetings, but you also likely struggle to make them meaningful and engaging. You spend countless hours preparing for each meeting, but you often wonder if it’s worth it. Are they listening? Is this what they want to hear?

Nonprofit financial presentations can be the most anxiety-producing, especially if there are big initiatives afoot or if you hear nothing but crickets from your board every time the finance committee presents. You want and need their input. You want them to know that you have the finances of the organization under control. But how can you wow with such “boring” numeric data to present?

We’ll share four strategies (and a few pro-tips) to help you have more meaningful money conversations at board meetings. These takeaways will turn your board meetings around and may even make you feel like a finance superhero.

Target Audience

Nonprofit executives, especially from small-medium organizations whose boards are still finding their footing




March 25, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm