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3 SEO Strategies for Optimizing Your Fundraising Campaign


Building up our online community means that we’ll earn more traffic from potential donors, higher rankings, more engagement and high conversions. But what does it take to do this?

In building up our community online, we must understand deeply the role we play and the value we have to offer our people.

Are you looking to change the world and build up your communities in the process and use your creativity to make it happen? SEO can be a blueprint for your creativity.

We’ll cover three basic principles of building a community that we must tap into to be successful. We must:

  1. Be intentional.
  2. Be Aware.
  3. Build Trust.

We’ll do this by using these 3 SEO strategies:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Writing

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize keyword research to better understand potential donors and supporters and use that knowledge to speak to them directly.
  • Research competing causes to create a competitor analysis and utilize findings to better communicate with donors and provide value.
  • Build trust by writing content that resonates with donors at a deeper level.

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff, those who want to learn practical strategies for implementing SEO a strategy that’s intuitive and powerful.


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Michelle Frechette

Head of Customer Success


Michelle completed her MBA in Marketing, E-Commerce and Information Systems from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business. She has over twenty years of experience in higher education; ten years owning a web design and marketing company; and currently serves as the Head of Customer Success for (developers of and

Michelle is a veteran of public speaking. She’s been an instructor for a wide variety of topics including Using Quantitative Data Analysis Software, Meditative Drawing, Intro to WordPress, and Marketing for Massage Therapy. Michelle speaks at conferences all over North America. You can find many of them recorded on including “Little Things That Make a Big Difference” and “Hidden Features of WordPress,” as well as panel discussions on ethics, marketing, page builders, and women in technology.

Michelle is the author “A Good Firm Handshake (and other essential business tips)” available on

Say hi to Michelle on Twitter at @michelleames and check out her website at

Amanda Gorman

Customer Success Coordinator


Amanda Gorman helps nonprofits and wellness-based businesses build thriving online communities. As a Customer Success Coordinator at GiveWP she works diligently each day to assist nonprofits in growing their communities and receiving more donations online to make a bigger impact in the world. As an SEO consultant, she’s passionate about tending to the internet like a gardener would tend to their garden, so it can become a safe and fun place to connect again. Amanda uses her SEO superpowers to help her clients better understand their purpose, their audience, and how to better reach their people. Amanda is in love with her husband Casey, their new baby Ronan, her nephew Jackson, and their dog Topanga who all live together in Rochester, New York.





March 24, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



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