22NTC Session: Marketing/Communications
10 Communication Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How to Avoid Them
Submitted by: Frida Silva | Mission Minded


More than a few nonprofit professionals are thrown into marketing responsibilities without being formally trained or having much experience or support. Some are program managers who find themselves responsible for creating their own communications materials. Some are fundraisers who have a sense that better marketing could improve their ability to raise funds—and they’re right. 

In this session, Mission Minded Founding Partner Zach Hochstadt will highlight the ten most common communications mistakes made by nonprofits and the solutions so you can implement to avoid them. Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve made them—you’re not alone! Identifying these common mistakes will help your organization become a more effective communicator, focusing on what your stakeholders need to hear versus what your organization wants to say.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will be able to shift their focus on what stakeholders need to hear versus what they want to say.
  • Attendees will be able to learn what brand is and understand the role it plays in their communications and organization.
  • Attendees will be able to adopt communication best practices that engage and inspire audiences.

Target Audience

Nonprofit communications and marketing specialists who want to learn how to avoid common nonprofit communications pitfalls.

Community Input