Session Advisory Committee

The NTC Session Advisory Committee is a group of experts, thought leaders, and champions in the nonprofit technology space. They provide direct input as part of our community-driven process to develop the high-quality educational agenda for the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

How It Works

We select three committee members for each of our five content category areas (IT, Leadership, Program, Fundraising, Marketing/Communications). Committee members then make meaningful contributions in three areas:

  • Desired topics: Committee members help identify critical and desired topics within their respective areas prior to opening up the process for gathering publicly submitted proposals. This provides guidance on the topics that interested session presenters can address in their applications.
  • Reviewing proposals: Committee members review proposals within their respective area and identify those that meet the needs of a balanced, content-rich agenda.
  • Missing critical topics: Committee members help identify critical or timely topics missing from the public proposals that should still be included in the final agenda.

Who Can Participate

Participation on the advisory committee is open to anyone with demonstrated expertise in one of the five category areas. With a focus on making our programming as inclusive as possible, we encourage those with diverse experience and perspectives to apply.

Time Commitment

The advisory committee is active for 5 months each year (May – September). Time commitment consists of:

  • 3-4 conference calls (max 1hr each)
  • 1 hr/month for participation in online discussions (private to the group)
  • 4-6 hrs to review of proposals

Current Members

We are actively recruiting committee members for 18NTC. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. If you interested in participating, please complete the inquiry form below.

  • Please identify the categories of proposals you are qualified to evaluate.

  • We place a strong emphasis on providing a diverse range of voices and perspectives in our educational programs. Please share the unique voice and perspective you would bring as a committee member.

  • You can use this space to share any additional details you think will be helpful in our evaluation efforts.