Additional Speaker Requests

It’s important for 18NTC sessions to have the right mix of diverse perspectives and expertise. To support our speakers, we have created this opportunity to connect with additional speakers, who can bring additional value to their session.

Below is a list of sessions that need additional speakers. You can read the session title, what their needs are and view the session listing to learn more, then fill out the form based on the session you are interested in.

Speaker Inquiry

If you would like to be considered by the session lead as a secondary speaker please complete the form below. You are able to inquire about multiple sessions. You will need to complete a separate entry for each one.

  • Speaker Details

  • Please be sure to include the full address (http://)
  • Session Details

  • This is the three-digit number in the first column above of the table above. This is needed to make sure we match your inquiry with the correct session lead.

  • Use this space to share any additional information that might help the session lead evaluate if you are a good fit to join as a secondary speaker. This could be the diversity you would add, you are already speaking on another session, LinkedIn profile link, etc.