Each year NTEN provides scholarships to include community members who might not otherwise attend the conference. Everyone is welcome to apply for a scholarship. The application period is open from December 1, 2021, to March 11, 2022.

Partial support for these scholarships comes from generous donations from the NTEN community and our 22NTC sponsors.


  • Your information will be kept in the strictest confidence and used only to help inform how we allocate scholarships.
  • We will prioritize applications from first-time attendees or those who have not already received an NTEN conference scholarship.
  • We may ask scholarship recipients to assist with conference promotion. Your participation is not required.
  • Last-minute cancellations and no-shows mean that we’ve missed an opportunity to extend a scholarship to another community member. All cancellations must be made in writing by March 18, 2022.


Application period: December 1, 2021–March 11, 2022
Award notifications: On a rolling basis starting January 14, 2022
Scholarship recipients confirm attendance: By March 16, 2022


Please email us with any questions about your scholarship application or about scholarships in general.

NTEN offers scholarships to help as many community members as possible benefit from the NTC's learning and community opportunities. This application asks questions that will provide us with information about you. None of the questions or fields in the application are used as a means of exclusion.

"*" indicates required fields

How would you categorize your organization?*

What is your organization’s budget?*
In alignment with our Values and Equity Commitment, we place a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our programs, with a focus on racial equity. We're actively seeking people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or other people of color, as well as gender nonconforming, having a disability, LGBTQIA+, and other under-represented community members to apply. Please use this space to self-identify if you feel comfortable doing so. This is not required.


I understand that this scholarship will cover conference registration only.*
If awarded a scholarship, I understand that I must notify NTEN no later than March 5, 2021 if I cannot accept and that failing to do so may jeopardize my chance to receive future scholarships.*
If awarded a scholarship, I understand that I may be asked to help promote the NTC to my networks. However, I am not obligated.*
If awarded a scholarship, I understand that I may be asked to contribute to a follow-up blog post about my experiences.*