Make the Case

NTEN is a proud member of a dynamic community of nonprofit professionals using technology to make the world a better place. For twenty years, this community has gathered at the Nonprofit Technology Conference to share knowledge and learn new skills. But this year, NTEN is bringing the NTC to you. And we want to help you make the case to your boss why it’s a great idea for you to attend.


125+ Sessions

21NTC includes more than 125 sessions over three days, all led by community members and practitioners. You can join them live and rewatch on demand an hour or even months later. This year, you won’t have to lament choosing between great options. You can access all 100+ sessions from the conference when it works for your schedule!

Community Spaces

Want to connect with folks in a similar organization or working on a project like you? Maybe you want to find folks who are doing anti-racism work or conducting leadership development or knitting for relaxation. Even though we can’t physically gather in the same building, we’ve ensured there are many networking options, chatting, and sharing virtual space. All attendees can join and create opportunities to host conversations or meet up with others throughout the schedule.

Career Support

21NTC will also include the launch of NTEN’s new year-round programs for peer support, including peer matching and resume or content review. NTEN Exchange will launch at 21NTC, and all attendees will have first access to request peer coaching, get feedback on LinkedIn profiles or cover letters, and more.

More Than a Conference

The NTC always includes fun, celebratory, community-centered opportunities, and we’ll have plenty of those this year! You can look forward to experiences you can share with everyone in your home. Get ready to unplug the headphones, turn your computer screen to the room, and enjoy a live band together!

We know the NTC has always been more than another conference and more than an opportunity for professional development. While learning is critical, we know that it is also essential for folks to have space to be seen and supported. We can’t replicate the serendipity of a lunch line in a virtual experience, but we can make sure you have all the options you want for finding new collaborators, spending time with old friends, and gaining tips and tools you can put to use right away.


  1. Review the sessions to help emphasize the specific skills you’d like to strengthen or develop at the conference. Connect the projects you’re working on and areas you’re trying to develop with specific conference offerings.
  2. Offer to take detailed notes and prepare and deliver a short presentation for your colleagues. That way, others in your organization will get the benefits of your attendance as well.
  3. Share the conference schedule and speaker bios with your colleagues and engage them in determining which sessions to attend.
  4. Prepare a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the sessions.

Sample Letter


This year we have many projects planned, and I am excited to dig into them all. To help me strengthen the skills I’ll need to knock these out of the park and generate new ideas to share with the rest of the team, I’d love to attend NTEN’s virtual Nonprofit Technology Conference, March 23–25. NTEN is the pre-eminent organization for nonprofit professionals to expand their knowledge of technology, connect with peers, and energize their organizations.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for us to engage with nonprofit leaders, connect with potential partners/clients, and bring back best practices to the organization. I’m particularly excited about [SPECIFIC SESSION, EVENT, OR TOPIC], which I think will help us [APPLY TO YOUR WORK].

My attendance will cost [COST], which includes an archive of all the sessions. I will ensure my duties are covered while I’m attending the sessions and will take detailed notes to share with our team.

Thanks in advance for considering my request. I’d love to chat more about this opportunity and answer any questions you might have!