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20NTC Session Proposal

Your nonprofit should have a custom 404 page

Submitted by: Michelle Ames |


If you’ve ever opened the door to the broom closet instead of the bathroom door…

If you’ve ever walked out of the theme park only to realize you left something behind…

If you’ve ever been caught snooping in someone’s medicine cabinet during a visit…

Then you know what it feels like to experience a 404 page.

Every site has a 404 page. Most of them make us feel cut off. Disconnected. And like we wandered onto the “do not walk on the grass” area. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A good 404 page can make us feel like we discovered an easter egg or buried treasure we didn’t know we were looking for. An organization that has the forethought to include you in the inside story is engaging.

This talk will walk you through taking a boring, paint-drying, falling-asleep-in-church 404 to something dynamic and fun.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of the 404 page in the overall site experience
  • Determine the components of a good 404 page that align with their organization's values
  • Surprise and delight site visitors with a fun 404 experience

Target Audience

marketing/web professionals responsible for the NGO website


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