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20NTC Session Proposal

Yes, you can manage a great remote team!


Nonprofits are joining the remote workforce trend in order to attract and retain top talent. Remote employees are shown to be more productive and happy while employers benefit from lower on-site costs and access to higher-skilled workers. Of course, new trends have their challenges. Employers worry about keeping their organizational culture alive and staff working from home can feel isolated and left out. In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of all types of remote work options from working from home one day a week to ditching the office entirely and all the hybrid options in between. We’ll even discuss how to utilize remote interns! 

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the skills and strategies needed to confidently manage and empower a successful remote employee or team
  • easily integrate a remote workforce into their existing staffing without sacrificing their workplace culture
  • understand how to overcome difficulties like communication, scheduling challenges or project management

Target Audience

Nonprofit leaders who manage or are considering a remote workforce and want to build a strong team.


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