21NTC Session Proposal

Yes, We Need a Technology Plan, but Where Do We Start?

Submitted by: Timothy Stockert


Isn’t it funny—not so long ago we used paper maps to navigate, we perused the Yellow Pages to find a local store, and we called the restaurant to order a pizza. Today, we expect (and even demand) to be able do any and all of these things online. There is no doubt that technology is central to business success, and nonprofit services are no exception. Customers look for and expect to find many nonprofit services online. Developing a strategy to deliver those services and understanding the short- and long-term costs of that strategy can seem daunting. Where do we start? How do we build out our technology? Do we need something more than our current website? What kind of database should we use? Do we need a mobile strategy?

Join this session to learn:

  • The key components of building a strong, solid, and sustainable technology plan
  • How a technology expert or consultant can help you with your strategy, whether to hire one, and what to look for
  • The importance of engaging in business process analysis to articulate business priorities
  • What roles everyone plays within an organization in developing and implementing a plan
  • How to make financial decisions regarding the infrastructure and software to purchase
  • How to analyze the immediate and long-term costs of implementing certain technologies

Learn from both a consultant—Presence Social Impact—and two nonprofit organizations—the Council on Accreditation and WASC Senior College and University Commission—as they demystify and help explain the benefits of establishing a technology strategy and plan, what that plan involves, and how it can support mission, growth, and long-term sustainability.

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