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20NTC Session Proposal

Why “Tech Skills” Should Come Last in Problem Solving


When trying to coordinate technical meetings we often hear the refrain “my staff doesn’t have the technical knowledge to participate”. When we restrict who we invite by roles and backgrounds, we are prejudging the problem and where we believe the answer will come from. Instead of focusing on who does or doesn’t have “tech skills”, we need to include those closest to the problem. Your staff, participants, and volunteers are fountains of knowledge, and it’s time to build inclusive spaces for them to share it. We’ll take at how “the people’s radio show” took this to heart with incredible results, turning what could have been the most boring interview of the year into a crowd-sourced miracle that focused on outcomes (and fun!) first and technology last. Learn what you have to gain by extending your “innovation invite” to a wider group of people, and actionable steps to make it happen.

Target Audience

Technical people, IT and admin staff who are trying to apply technology to solve problems


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