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20NTC Session Proposal

Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb


Setting Powerful, Achievable Goals in a Skills-Based Keynote or Concurrent Session, will allow you to deliver value, quality, and lifelong skills to your organization.

Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb; The True Science of Goal Setting

Learning to set powerful and achievable goals in a skill-based training environment


This workshop addresses the common challenges, goals and training needs that will give you the tools to help you learn how to set and achieve your personal and professional goals in a constructive and friendly environment. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what SMART goal setting is and why it should no longer be used
  • Set both personal and professional goals that are worthy
  • Have the passion and skills required to do the hard work of creating a life they desire.

Target Audience

Those that have a desire to be more!


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