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20NTC Session Proposal

Using Design Thinking to Maximize Human Impact


Design-thinking reminds us to do what nonprofits do every day: put humans at the center. Yet, the tools design-thinking provides enables organizations to take that a step further, and ensure that the right problem is identified. In this session, nonprofit managers, researchers, and program leaders will learn to engage the full array of tools that design-thinking and human-centered design have to offer. These tools will help nonprofits better engage beneficiaries, partners, and staff alike to think big and fix sticky systemic issues in the social sector — and take philanthropy dollars as far as possible. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Paint the landscape of needs and wants for their beneficiaries and make sure that their focusing on the right problem
  • Build their own design-thinking toolkits to draw on in solution design
  • Focus on changing entire systems to enact change

Target Audience

Nonprofit managers, researchers, and program leaders


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