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20NTC Session Proposal

Why It Pays to be All-In On Social

Submitted by: Sara Pollack | ForwardPMX


Social media is a powerful forum for connecting people to your cause. From generating awareness of your brand, to driving acquisition, activating supporters and generating donations, having a cohesive social media strategy is a quintessential step to fundraising and marketing success in the digital age. But today, having a “social media strategy” isn’t just one thing. It’s not “direct response OR organic”, and it’s not just having a donate button available on your Facebook page. A true social strategy sees the value of social media for every aspect of your nonprofit.

In this session, we’re talking about what it means to be “all in” on social, as it relates to your organic storytelling strategy, to your paid amplification, to making sure all the tools are there for your constituents to support, donate, share and engage meaningfully with you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Once you’ve established a great story or campaign hook, how to leverage your social channels to meet program goals.
  • Identify which social channels and tactics lend themselves to getting your message out to the right audiences.
  • Understand what metrics matter in measuring the impact of your social media channels

Target Audience

Marketing and communications professionals, social media fundraisers, social media management professional, marketers and fundraisers working with social media tools,


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