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20NTC Session Proposal

Why does bitcoin generate more attention than Kim Kardashian?


How large is the bitcoin fanbase? Bitcoin is searched more often on Google than Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift. With major companies like JP Morgan, Facebook and now Walmart creating their own cryptocurrency, people are more interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies than ever before. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

We’re seeing nonprofits accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at an increasing rate. Some aren’t even doing it for the fundraising revenue but for the attention it creates. In today’s world, attention is the new currency. By accepting cryptocurrency donations, nonprofits are able to stand out in a crowded field. Not only does it show that they are innovative, but it gives them a new way to connect with young donors and begin building lifetime relationships.

Learning Outcomes

  • How popular is bitcoin really? Who is using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?
  • How nonprofits can use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to generate awareness
  • Nonprofit success stories and why they were successful

Target Audience

Marketing decision makers who want to understand the marketing boon of accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations.

Additional Speakers

Patrick Duffy


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