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20NTC Session Proposal

Who needs a digital department?

Submitted by: Hanna Thomas |


In a constantly shifting technological and political landscape, our sector isn’t anywhere near consensus around how to structure ‘digital’ in our organisations. Should a digital department report to comms? To field? Should everything report to digital?

Every organisation and campaign is different, with its own needs, but Hanna Thomas, Chief Product Officer at will make the case that ‘digital’ is no longer a useful distinction, and that you should consider dismantling your digital department entirely, if you have one.

Hanna will walk through the recent digital transformation process at – how they have built a new Product Team and dismantled and distributed the rest of the digital department. Attendees will walk away with a detailed case study and lessons they can apply to their own contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Reference a detailed case study of how another organisation tackled shared challenges
  • Collect ideas around digital transformation and apply to other organisational contexts
  • Read and research further through resource recommendations

Target Audience

1. Leaders who are grappling with how to structure their organisations, 2. Staff who want to advocate for digital transformation


Case StudyChange ManagementManagementOrg Culture

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