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20NTC Session Proposal

What’s So Special About a Podcast


Last year I led a session called “Making, Managing and Marketing of a Podcast. It was very well received, highly rated and attracted so many people we had a crowd standing at the door. I’d be happy to lead the session again if there was interest, but I thought this year a discussion or Q&A session might me a good evolution from last year’s program. I would find other podcasters to talk or possibly create a panel discussion.

I am turning what I leared on my podcast, Driving Participation, into a book. I think it would be interesting to talk about the many different reasons to podcast from immediate marketing to the long game of building a body of knowledge. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Consider the different outcomes they may gain from podcasting
  • Get a realistic picture of the committment in time and money
  • Have an opportunity to ask specific questions

Target Audience

Marketing and Communication staff interested in this path and curious about the tech, the time and the outcomes

Additional Speakers

Potentially Margeaux O'Malley and/or other nonprofit podcasters


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