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20NTC Session Proposal

Virtual Management: Taking Technology to Task


Conference call or video chat? Email or text? Communications platform or shared-calendar system? Managing virtual teams and the layers of tech-driven tools and processes they require in a modern setting can be sometimes confusing, frustrating or just plain complex! So what if I told you that knowing the eight different types of workplace technology and how they related well or poorly to your management or project needs is really all you require?

Combining high-energy, hands-on technology experiences, set against skilled management education –  you’ll learn and role-play in this session to understand that no matter who you manage, where, or what brand of technology you’re using, nothing can stop you from becoming a powerful and successful virtual manager when you use the right tech for the right roles. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply 8 different forms of virtual management technology with increased success at your job the very next day.
  • Discover a new level of comfort and control with different virtual management technologies for you and your team.
  • Understand that different workplace technologies work differently for different needs in a hand-on experience.

Target Audience

Anyone who manages one or more people virtually or remotely in a regional or global setting.

Additional Speakers

Kathy Wisniewski


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