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20NTC Session Proposal

Using SMS to drive and attribute donations and sustainer upgrades


Two premier organizations, HRC and Peta, have been at the forefront of digital and mobile fundraising for years. Both organizations have used SMS as a communications and engagement tool for more than a decade, but previously direct fundraising asks over SMS haven’t been possible. 

In this session the presenters demonstrate a new approach to drive actual credit card donations via SMS (without visiting a web page) and share results from testing focused on upgrading donors or driving one time donations. 

This is a groundbreaking approach that no non-profit has tried before. The results can affect organizations’ mobile strategies for years to come. 

We’ll also review the tried and true methods of combining SMS with email communications to better communicate and engage supporters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding new options for non-profits to use SMS
  • See test results from a new approach to SMS donations
  • Learn how to integrate SMS with your email fundraising efforts to boost overall response

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff that want to open a new fundraising channel that outperforms on mobile.


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