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20NTC Session Proposal

Using program evaluation to elevate a national advocacy presence


Connected Insights is a research and evaluation nonprofit that has worked across many social verticles.  We believe there is power in networks and have worked over the last year to turn standard evaluation practice within the digital inclusion community into a first-of-its-kind national data trust.

Our data trust is a new concept in nonprofit organizing that aims to measure impact across programs, regions, states, and countries.  With representation in 10 states and growing, we are quickly creating a unique dataset that can support the voice of a national collective of practitioners, serve to inform best practice communities and inform national and local policy.  But we also are keenly aware of the need to maintain privacy and security around the data we work with –  why we developed our data trust governance structure.  Data shared with our trust is controlled by an elected board who protect and “do only good”.

Learning Outcomes

  • learn how to use program metrics to create a national movement
  • better understand the value of establishing evaluation standards in their fields
  • learn about a successful and low-cost example of shared data for social good.

Target Audience

program managers and organization directors interested in increasing awareness of field of social impact and strengthening their network of peers


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