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20NTC Session Proposal

Using LinkedIn To Smash Your Goals


Nonprofits have become great at using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as publishing platforms to broadcast compelling stories to build a broad audience.

We believe the most effective way to use LinkedIn is completely different — as a precise targeting tool to locate, connect with, and engage the specific individuals that can help you achieve your organizational goals.

The session will cover how to use LinkedIn to:

  • Target new supporters
  • Onboard supporters
  • Build a community


The activities will include:

  • What type of supporters would you target through LinkedIn?
  • How would you use LinkedIn to onboard new supporters?
  • What type of content would you share to keep supporters engaged?

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a clear understanding of how to use LinkedIn as a lead generator/connector.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to onboard new supporters.
  • How to convert supporters into a community.

Target Audience

Marketing/Programatic/Development staff, volunteers, individual donors, and prospective board members

Additional Speakers

Greg Harrell-Edge - Executive Director of Coach Art


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