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20NTC Session Proposal

Using Emotional Data to Differentiate your Non-Profit & Engage Donors


There is a data set that non-profits can use to help them understand the emotions, motivations and preferences of donors. This information can clearly explain why donors are doing the things they are doing, it is easier and cheaper to analyze than big data analytics and it is much more actionable. It is called “Emotional Data.” Big Data can only measure the who, what, when, where and how of donors and leaves you guessing as to the reasons why. Knowing WHY your donors do the things they do provides your non-profit with insights to answer burning questions such as “How can we get new donors engaged?” “How can we get existing donors to donate more?” and “What kinds of things do our donors expect us to be doing to make sure they stay with us long-term?”

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the psychology and science behind giving
  • ask the right questions to discover their donors "Why"
  • Create targeted emotinally relevant messaging to increase donor engagment, response and giving

Target Audience

Marketing and Communciations Staff who are responsible for content creation and appeals, Fundraisers in charge of annual fund


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