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20NTC Session Proposal

Using Digital Ads to Amplify Patient Voices… and Win!


Patient stories effectively move the needle in advocacy and electoral work — but it can be challenging to use people’s stories to illustrate a point without exploiting people’s difficult circumstances. This session dives into how groups in the healthcare space solicit stories and produce compelling patient-centered digital ads to:

  1. Grow a community as a whole, as well as in targeted locations.
  2. Advocate for national/statewide legislation with stories driving the narrative.
  3. Persuade voters that Pharma-supporting officials need to go.

The session provides unmatchable insight by bringing together leaders in healthcare advocacy and digital strategy whose collaboration on patient-first campaigns led to unprecedented success in organizing, advocacy, and electoral campaigns.

We’ll discuss: how groups develop relationships with patients to make big asks like submitting a video story; when to use grassroots vs. produced videos; what makes for an effective shoot; and how to place these ads to maximize results.

Learning Outcomes

  • Concrete strategies for successfully raising up patient voices
  • How to be authentic and impactful in digital content
  • How to make asks to your community for content

Target Audience

Anyone who works with or for organizations that want to harness real stories to drive action.

Additional Speakers

Samantha Reid, Patients For Affordable Drugs


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