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20NTC Session Proposal

Unmasking the Mystery: Why ‘Technology’ Isn’t Your Real Problem


“We know exactly what we need,” they say. “Just help us install this new technology and it’ll all be great,” they say. Seems like a straightforward, sure-fire tech fix. Yet, when I deliver exactly what they requested, they’re not satisfied. It “didn’t work.” But what went wrong? The truth is, there probably wasn’t a technology problem in the first place. Instead, there was a far different problem hiding behind the mask of technology.

Have you been stuck in this vicious cycle, too? Then this session is for you. From communication gaps to confusing processes, learn more about the real problems masquerading around your workplace and wreaking havoc on your technological solutions and strategies — and together, let’s unpack how remove those masks and address the real issues.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know what problems are often disguised and dismissed as technology issues
  • Know a mask (what you need to dig deeper into) versus a face (what you need to address head-on)
  • Know when and how to remove the technology mask and uncover/tackle the root cause

Target Audience

Decision makers, support staff and anyone facing a gap between what is requested and what is utilized

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