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20NTC Session Proposal

Ultimate Fighting Championship: Fundraising Appeals vs Brand


Successful fundraising appeals and good brand compliance don’t always mix. Even though fundraising and marketing departments have the same mission at the end of the day, we may clash on how to achieve it.

Ideally, we elevate one another’s ideas and come up with something brilliant. More often than not, we compromise and end up with the most dangerous of results – something mediocre that doesn’t fit brand and doesn’t inspire donors.

We will explore how to collaborate and improve your fundraising effectiveness by taking gut-feelings and preconceived notions out of the mix to instead build content that’s both impactful and on-brand using data and testing, testing, testing. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn concrete tactics that you can bring back and apply to your next campaign or fundraising initiative
  • How to start a conversation with the other side about brand and appeals
  • Better understand how data and testing can optimize your fundraising and how those learnings can change work with other departments

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