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Tragedy in Pittsburgh: How Yammer helped us respond


The Union for Reform Judaism uses Yammer as an enterprise social network for staff, and as a community platform for over 13,000 Reform Jewish lay and professional congregational leaders.

On the morning of Saturday, October 27th, news of a synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh began to appear. We did not yet know the extent of the tragedy, but through the power of Yammer our staff was able to convene immediately, share news and action steps, and plan how we would respond. The power of Yammer also enabled us to connect with our membership, and give them a space to express their grief, anguish, frustration and confusion.

Join us to learn how our enterprise social network helped us support our 850 Reform congregations as we processed a tragedy, and planned for our future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use their technology platform for staff work and community engagement
  • Learn how to save time during unexpected events to connect staff and serve community
  • Embrace technology through agility and need

Target Audience

Online Community Engagement Professionals


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