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20NTC Session Proposal

Track Your Nonprofit’s IRL Work Digitally

Submitted by: Emily Patterson | Bee Measure


No matter how addicted we are to our smartphones, most of life happens IRL, not online. In the same way, our organizations’ impacts are primarily on the ground, not in the cloud. (Tech pun!) Unfortunately for us data nerds, offline activity is much harder to track and analyze. The lack of data makes it hard to understand our audience, the issues they face, and how to better reach them.

This presentation will feature case studies and advice from scrappy nonprofits that found ways to track IRL activities in a digital way. It will discuss how these teams used the data they collected to educate their audience and create more effective programs and outreach. The organizations will share what they learned and ideas for how other organizations can implement similar techniques.

The three organizations—American Forest Foundation, New Dream, and Better Business Bureau—have completely different focuses and budgets. But all three found creative ways to use online surveys, web analytics, and digital platforms to track their offline work. AFF measured how owners of forested land learned about (and acted on) conservation issues. New Dream tracked how their resources helped reduce consumerism over the holidays. And Better Business Bureau created an online platform to collect data about scam victims.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how digital methods (online surveys, web analytics, crowdsourcing) can help your org collect audience data
  • Get ideas for gaining insight from the data you collect
  • Be inspired by case studies from other nonprofits


Case StudyResearchWebsites


271 - 272


April 11, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm



CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

Collaborative Notes

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