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20NTC Session Proposal

The Zen of IT Security: balancing safety and usability

Submitted by: Karen Graham NTEN Member badge | Tech Impact


We’ve reached a point where digital crime is ubiquitous and professionalized, and almost every kind of non-profit work requires entrusting data to the very platforms that the bad actors are targeting most heavily (e.g., Cloud productivity suites, Electronic Medical Records systems, etc.). Given the scale of today’s threats it’s tempting to think that the only way to be secure is to implement every possible protection available, no matter what the cost to day-to-day productivity.  But this stance often makes organizations less safe, because everyone gets so burned out by trying to follow all of the rules and restrictions that they ultimately stop paying attention to any of them, including the ones that really matter.  In this session, we’ll talk about the core precautions that are key to combating today’s threats, and strategies for maintaining a strong security stance while also promoting productivity and general quality of life.

Target Audience

IT directors who have made enemies through cumbersome tools and policies, people who don't know how to get started.


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