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20NTC Session Proposal

The unintended consequences of our design choices


When was the last time you heard someone ask ‘what are the unintended consequences of implementing this technology?’ or ‘who else may be affected by these decisions?’ 

The nonprofit sector needs to act quickly and respond to urgent needs, leaving less time to consider the potential negative effects our design choices may have. As individuals creating new strategic programs or technology, we need to be conscious of long term negative impacts and how small decisions could do more harm than good. 

In this talk, I will illustrate ways interdisciplinary teams can use design-led methods, such as systems mapping and speculative scenarios, to challenge the ethical, cultural and social implications of design decisions. I will give examples of how this has been applied to complex problems such as: access to education for undocumented people, cash aid in emergency response, and how to foster better outcomes for young people leaving government care.

Target Audience

Anyone creating strategic programs or technology who want to learn methods to make sure their projects consider ethical implications


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