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20NTC Session Proposal

The new silo: Digital


At the dawn of digital being leveraged for fundraising it was a struggle to break down silos with traditional channels such as direct mail or telemarketing. A couple decades later digital in some circles is starting to get the recognition and much needed resources it deserves. However, we’ve uncovered a new phenomenon taking root and that is digital in and of itself is becoming a silo. This means that organizations will follow digital channels exclusively regardless of their demographics, or aren’t thinking about how the campaign needs to be first rather than the channel and aren’t thinking of digital as one of many potential approaches. Even with the best integration efforts, digital is becoming a new silo. Think campaign-first rather than channel-first, and integrate digital in the right marketing mix!


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how siloed thinking has started taking root in digital channels
  • Learn the best techniques to fully integrate with traditional channels
  • Understand why it is important to look at the big picture in planning your campaigns

Target Audience

1: Marketing and Communications Staff 2: Digital Staff

Additional Speakers

Farrah Rooney


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