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20NTC Session Proposal

The Leadership That Digital Demands

Submitted by: Ryann Miller | Grassriots


Digital touches every aspect of an organization, so it needs strategic, next-level leadership if it’s truly going to thrive. How is digital defined and positioned in your organization? What are the best ways to get the work done? You’ll learn how to structure digital teams, and what to ask for and expect from them. You’ll also understand the importance of silo busting, iterative processes, and how the demands of digital can change organizational culture.

Shoni and Ryann will walk you through the requirements of a thriving digital environment and discuss what we can do to build up senior leaders who can position digital where it needs to be strategically for their organization’s future health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the cultural, leadership and talent requirements of digital success.
  • Understand how the customer experience demands of digital can change organizational culture.
  • Identify how you’d like digital to be positioned in your organization and what’s needed to get there.

Target Audience

Leaders and decision makers. Also people who are invested in professional culture, retention and hiring.

Additional Speakers

Shoni Field


Change ManagementManagementOrg CultureTeam-Building

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