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20NTC Session Proposal

The Digital-First Nonprofit: How To Create Compelling Supporter Experiences In An Omni-Channel World


Your donors and supporters love your cause. And their expectations for interacting with you are increasingly shaped by big-budget companies with sophisticated customer experience (CX) programs, offering them personalized, context-specific ways to act. These for-profit brands have moved beyond multichannel approaches to an omnichannel view of the world, reaching their customers exactly where they are in their journey, offering content and opportunities customized to their specific activities, behaviors, and needs.

Nonprofits can create compelling, omnichannel supporter experiences (SX), too. The secret is adopting new, digital-first ways of thinking and working. Digital-first is a prescription for carefully building your organization’s capacity with all of the elements necessary for effective supporter engagement. This requires a  pragmatic, real-world view, tackling big questions such as how digital-first teams are structured, what kinds of processes they use to plan and execute campaigns, what skills modern marketers need, and how their organizational cultures have had to evolve to make all of this possible.

This session demonstrates what an omnichannel supporter experience (SX) actually looks like and shows how your organization can get there. We’ll share concrete examples of how Media Matters for America adopted a multi-year strategy for implementing digital-first practices and discuss predictions for what their fully omnichannel future might look like. Cynthia Padera, Digital Strategist at Media Matters, will discuss how she has helped bring her organization along on large-scale, digital-first ventures with implications for every single department at the organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • The difference between multichannel and omnichannel strategies
  • How the concept of customer experience (CX) translates to supporter experience (SX), and the six disciplines necessary for effective SX
  • The five elements of a digital-first approach, with practical tips, tricks, and tools that can be implemented by your organization immediately




260 - 261


April 12, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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