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20NTC Session Proposal

The CFO’s Guide to Strategic Planning


The scope of the Nonprofit Finance leader’s role is expanding.  They now have to balance the duties of accounting while playing a transformational role in driving the org’s strategy. These expanded responsibilities are creating a tension between financial and strategic roles, which intensifies the need for better data to inform decision-making. In this session, Jacki Tiso, CEO of JMT Consulting, who has helped thousands of nonprofits on their journey of transformation, will lay out the framework using data and technology to develop a strategic plan

Learning Outcomes

  • They will learn to create a framework using data and technology to create and execute their strategic plan
  • They will understand the CFO Role of Today
  • They will be able to define strategic planning

Target Audience

The target audience are CFO's or anyone in a similar position in charge of financial planning.


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