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20NTC Session Proposal

The Case Against Technology Strategic Plans

Submitted by: Sarah Zolad | Mission Outcome


Technology is mission critical at almost every nonprofit, but it is still seen as outside of the normal business of running an organization.  Other parts of operations – finance or human resources for example – are included in all planning processes.  Technology gets tacked on as an after thought and is often seen as a burden rather then a way to reduce work and clarify outcomes.  

This starts with strategic planning.  An organization’s goals are defined in this process, usually with little thought to what technology is necessary and how it can help.  Many organizations try to solve this issue by having an entirely separate technology strategic plan.  This is counter -productive and keeps technology out of the main organizational planning.

I hope to show how people can integrate technology planning into their strategic planning process – either with existing plans or if they are just starting the planning process. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn why its important that technology be an integral part of an organizations strategic plan
  • Figure out how technology fits into their strategic plan
  • Figure out how to ensure that technology planning is part of your next strategic planning process

Target Audience

Leaders in technology and operations as well as board members


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