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20NTC Session Proposal

Tech It Yourself: Tell Your Stories Online, Without A Technologist


In today’s world, it’s important for nonprofits to take a content-first approach to their digital marketing and think of themselves like a publisher. In order to tell your stories in the right way, though, it takes a lot of different tools and technologies. If you don’t have a heavy technical background (or someone with one on your staff), how do you approach the process of evaluating these tools and using the best ones in the best ways? With experience in exactly that, representatives from the Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press and Direct Relief will explain how they worked through these challenges, and provide attendees with takeaways – in the form of evaluation recommendations, processes (like resurfacing evergreen content, automatic sharing, etc.), and recommended tools (like social media, Apple News integrations, and more) – that they can implement back home even without a coder.

Learning Outcomes

  • Find new ways of approaching and evaluating new technologies without getting too much in the weeds.
  • Learn about existing tools and processes that help improve your overall digital communications.
  • Understand the right questions to ask when working with an outside technology firm or agency.

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff without a huge technical background

Additional Speakers

Tim Schwartz, Alley; Jenn Topper, RCFP; Tony Morain, Direct Relief


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