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20NTC Session Proposal

TEAM-CARE, not SELF-CARE: Building resiliency in an era of burnout


Want to learn skills to prevent burnout and most importantly, to build a better team? You can do both by fostering wellness talks and activities. We invite you to test the theory that building work cultures that support mental and emotional health means working more effectively together.

NTEN participants will experience directly how talking about oppression and equity within the context of our common humanity (literally, we are all taking care of human bodies) allows us to quickly shed shame, embrace empathy and cultivate cultures of well-being.

These three presenters are electrifying expert trainers who connect with diverse audiences daily. They will provide immediate impact as well as plant seeds for the future of each participant’s own personal and organizational development. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about brain science and nervous system management, a crucial skill for emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Fill out a Stressor Scorecard (related to equity) and Personal Prescription (mental health).
  • Immediately practice skills (and resolve to practice even more) that make us healthy, productive, joyful and mentally-resilient.

Target Audience

Team leaders, HR practitioners, leaders of organizations who decide policies and or shape culture (ie. everyone)

Additional Speakers

Mo Abdullah, & Tyecia Powell,