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20NTC Session Proposal

Taking coops beyond the mail to maximize your digital reach

Submitted by: Colleen Hutchings NTEN Member badge | CCAH


Display advertising is an ever-growing marketing channel and can be one of the most misunderstood and complex.  It is constantly evolving and represents a channel in which donors are engaging more every day.  Now more than ever, we must strategically evaluate audiences being targeted, efficiently utilize available tools, and look to maximize budgets.  The vast wealth of data in coops allow data scientists to build precise models to create and on-board online audiences most likely to response, convert, and become long-term value donors. Learn how to leverage these massive consumer transactional databases to create integrated strategies to maximize digital reach

Learning Outcomes

  • How to leverage cooperative database models to inform a smarter digital bid strategy
  • A unique testing methodology to measure return on spend from multiple channels
  • How to optimize the use of coops to create an integrated strategy

Target Audience

Digital fundraising staff who are looking for ways to leverage organization’s current coop relationships

Additional Speakers

Alyssa Ackerman, CCAH ;John Wilburn, National Park; Aaron Smith, Wiland


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