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Take Five: Building Five-minute Brain Breaks for Productivity & Joy


Dave Brubeck’s classic “Take Five” is literally and figuratively woven into this interactive presentation on how our brains can benefit from short breaks. This is a high-leverage practice of employee engagement and mental health, especially for folks with high-stress, world-changing jobs.

In this mini-training, we learn about brain hemispheres and do quick, interactive challenges with mindfulness, music and midline-crossing (juggling scarves if there’s time). Break BINGO is included. 

Susan created “Take Five” for Pentagon workers in 2015 and has presented it to schools, hospitals, companies, and nonprofits across the world. It keeps improving due to constant feedback. The presentation incorporates visual, aural and kinesthetic learning styles for maximum retention and includes handouts and amusing visuals.

We need to learn how to practice love such that care — for ourselves and others — is understood as political resistance and cultivating resilience.”  
— adrienne maree brown

Target Audience

literally anyone who is human with a nervous system


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